Meet your hosts

Eirik Bergesen and Guri Solberg will be our hosts for the conference


Eirik Bergesen is a political commentator who appears regularly on Norwegian TV2.


He hosts the monthly political satire show All Makt in Oslo, writes the satire site and currently the hit TV2 show "Otto har fått nok".


He is a former diplomat with ten years of experience from the EU Delegation in Brussels, the Embassy in Washington and the Cabinet of the Foreign Minister






Guri Solberg started her program career career in the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), where she directed several programs on P3 and NRK2 before she was taken to TV2 in 2004.


She has directed programs such as Absolute Entertainment, Idol, X Factor, and not least - five seasons of Dancing with the stars.


She has also hosted award shows and interviewed everything from politicians to pop stars.