Mark your calendar for the World Public Relations Forum 2024 by Global Alliance with the theme "Purposeful Influence for the Common Good".

Beckons you to the vibrant shores of Bali, Indonesia, November 19-22, 2024, so book your flights now.

The event will also include Konvensi Humas Indonesia 2024 (Indonesia Public Relations Convention 2024) and Pertemuan Humas Muda Indonesia 2024 (Indonesia Young Public Relations Gathering 2024).

Hosted by Perhumas and Official Event Management by Katadata.

This gathering is a melting pot of seasoned experts and emerging young professionals in Public Relations, all converging to exchange transformative ideas and practices.

Engage with us in this dynamic dialogue and be an integral part of shaping the future of global communication.

Stay tuned for more details, click here:

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