Jonathan  Bean

Jonathan Bean

Jonathan Bean is the Chief Marketing Officer at Mynewsdesk. With an Honours degree in Communications and an MBA from Henley Business School, he has spent nearly two decades driving growth through innovation in marketing and communication at both publicly listed companies as well as rapidly growing startups.

Give a beep-campaign: Storytelling that inspired positive change

How do you reach hundreds of millions through earned media and spark positive change for cities and communities? By using creative storytelling and innovative technology – which was what Give a Beep was all about.

The Give a Beep campaign was developed for the Swedish company Hövding by Mynewsdesk and Edelman & Deportivo. It's take over of the streets of London and the inbox of the London Mayor led to the campaign being awarded over 20 prizes worldwide, such as a Webby, a Cannes Lion, D&AD Impact and many more. 

The campaign was based on driving business growth through an innovative and creative approach to communication. It has also been used as an inspiration to companies and agencies of all sizes that using creative storytelling and innovative technology, makes it possible for any organisation to use earned media to achieve great things.

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