Morten  Traavik

Morten Traavik

Morten Traavik's works are the subjects of (so far) six international TV and film documentaries, five parliamentary interpellations to three Norwegian ministers, a ban by Cambodia’s prime minister, satire by John Oliver as well as exhibitions, theatre plays, articles, blogs, discussion forums and academic dissertations across the world. He is currently writing "The Traitor's Guide to North Korea" about his experiences as a cultural liaison for that country, to be published late 2018.

Don't believe the truth!

Forget "fake news" - the battle for hearts and mind is as old as civilization itself and you know it. Knowledge is power, but ignorance is bliss. Based on 20 years experience in the fields where creativity, activisim and politics overlap, director and artist Morten Traavik will demonstrate some of his basic tools for artistic interventions.

"All art is subject to political manipulation - except that which speaks the language of the same manipulation."

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