Julien  S. Bourelle

Julien S. Bourelle

Julien is a Canadian rocket scientist and bestselling author. He left his academic career to help people communicate and connect across culture. His cultural story begins in Québec at age 20. He could only speak French and had never been outside Canada. He studied Mechanical Engineering and rocket science in five countries. Fifteen years later he speaks four languages and acquired unique cultural skills which he shares in his lectures and books. He know resides in Norway where he is the author of the best seller series “The Social Guidebook to Norway” and the founder of the publishing company Mondå Forlag.

How to Crack the Cultural Code

Julien will talk about how to crack the cultural code and will give comical and real life examples on how various cultures reacts on certain behavior. Julien will focus on how to benefit from diversity and bring a humorous perspective on social behaviors with illustrations of everyday behaviors and comical real life stories. The lecture will be based on examples from the Scandinavian cultures. He aims at providing general tools to interact with people of different cultures, independently of which culture they are from.

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