Heidi  Bunæs Eklund

Heidi Bunæs Eklund

Heidi Bunæs Eklund has a majors degree in Nordic language and literature from The University of Oslo and is one of the founders of NTB Arkitekst. She has 15 years experience with plain language in government agencies and private enterprises and has worked with customers that have won the Norwegian plain language award. The last year she has specially worked with universally formed language, user involvement and effect measurement.

Plain language – can it be measured?

All over the world, government agencies and private enterprises seek to communicate in plain language. Does this have any effect, and can the effect be measured? In her presentation, Heidi Bunæs Eklund shows how user involvement and effect measurement should be seen as complementary activities. She shares her best tips for testing the usability of texts, and warns against common pitfalls.

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