Pete  Brodnitz

Pete Brodnitz

Pete Brodnitz is the founder and President of Expedition Strategies, a strategic public opinion research consultancy. He brings more than twenty-five years of strategic research experience to his clients, which includes thirteen presidents and prime ministers on four continents, domestic political leaders at all levels, Fortune 500 companies, and leading advocacy and nonprofit institutions.

In the United States, his clients include five sitting Democratic U.S. Senators, one of the two Democratic women serving as Governor, as well as several Members of Congress, legislators and local officials.  His previous work in the United States includes polling for Hillary Clinton’s first Senate race in 2000, her most recent campaign for President, Al Gore for President, and the Clinton White House.

Using Behavioral Economics Ideas to Improve Communications Strategy

We know that emotion has a powerful impact on how people form conclusions.  Unfortunately, much of opinion research uses tools that do not capture emotion or the real-world way in which people think, reach conclusions, or are successfully persuaded. This talk will address how opinion research can be used more effectively to develop communication strategies by applying behavioral economics concepts, with specific focus on political communication strategy. It will focus on how the use of behavioral economics can improve both the research we conduct and the message guidance we provide.

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