Yin  Xiaodong

Yin Xiaodong

Founder of the most recognized PR professional website, 17pr.com, witness and promoter of the development of China's public relations industry. Ms. Yin Xiaodong have over 16 years with working experience in PR and the media field, with profound insight into the PR industry in China. She have extensive experience in branding, social responsibility and integrated marketing. She is also the founder of the Golden Flag Awards, the most appreciated professional award for PR campaigns and cases in China.

Communications in China: Maximizing the Value of Influence

2018 is the 40th anniversary of Chinese Reform and Opening. It’s been 40 years since China opened itself to the world. In these 40 years, China´s economy have grown rapidly from no. 15 in GDP rank in 1978 to no. 2 in 2017. In these 40 years, so many events have impacted the Chinese society tremendously: in 1987, China established connection into Internet; in 2001, China joined WTO; in 2008. These events are the milestones and driving forces behind development of Chinese society, and what has driven the public's cognition, understanding and response to these events, thereby affecting and changing people's behavior and decision-making? That’s the power of communication.

Ms. Yin Xiaodong’s is going to demonstrate the value of communication to the digitized, rapidly changing Chinese market, through representative cases in traditional manufacturing: Chinese Hi-Speed Rail, e-Business: JD.com, representative of sharing economy: Sharing Bicycles, from the perspective of Chinese Economy development, consumption upgrade, and internet infrastructure development, she will also explain the trend of Chinese public relations industry and its value to the world.

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