Ketil  Raknes

Ketil Raknes

Ketil Raknes is phd at Kristiania University College and has been a political adviser in the Ministry of Education and State Secretary at the Ministry of the Environment.

The Facebook update that forced a minister to resign 

A Facebook post claiming that the oppositioning Labour Party was more interested in protecting the rights of terrorists than the Norwegian people touched a raw nerve in a country still tormented by the memories of the terror attack on July 22nd 2011. It resulted in the resignation of Sylvi Listhaug, the Minister of Justice who represents the Progress Party. Kristina Nilsen, Vice President in Retriever will present a media analysis of the case. Ketil Raknes, phd at Kristiania University College, will analyze the rhetorical dynamism as it unfolded, the function of apologies and political communication in a new era.  Afterwards a panel discussion with members from both sides of the political specter will attend and discuss it over. Ole Berget, Bente Kalsnes, Kristina Nilsen and Ketil Raknes will shed light on this recent event from mid-March this year and elaborate the close link between politics, media and message development.

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