Jenny  Engstrøm

Jenny Engstrøm

Jenny Engstrøm, communications manager at STF and elected as Super Communicator of the Year 2017 is coming to the World PR Forum to tell you about the importance of communicating with the heart - being relevant, genuine and daring. How can a leaf, a train, a meter, and one phone number make a difference? And we will hear the story behind one of the world´s largest marketing successes in modern times - The Swedish Number.

Communicate with the heart - how to be relevant, genuine and dare to stand out

The Swedish Tourist Association (STF) knows that there is much more alongside the road, a bit further into the woods and a bit higher up in the mountain. STF is one of Sweden’s largest non-profit organizations with approximately 238 000 members. By guiding and inspiring small and big adventures, they get more people to take part in Sweden’s unique environments. They are a clear voice of influence for key issues such as tourist infrastructure, public access and nature and cultural tourism. Today, there are over 300 hostels, hotels, mountain stations and mountain cottages from north to south. www.svenskaturistforeningen.se

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