Marcelo  Behar

Marcelo Behar

Marcelo Behar is a sociologist and lawyer, with degrees in Social Sciences and Law from the University of São Paulo, in Brazil. He began his career as a journalist in the area of international politics on the newspaper Folha de São Paulo. Between 2003 and 2007 he worked for the Brazilian government in the Justice and Strategic Affairs areas. He worked as a lawyer and started as a public relations executive in 2009. Since 2013, he has been the director of Corporate Affairs at Natura, which together with Aesop and The Body Shop, is part of the Natura &Co global cosmetics group.

Business Communication in Brazil: how to transform challenges into opportunities

A power among the emerging countries and also a nation unable to shake off political and economic instability. In the eyes of the world, Brazil oscillates between these two extremes. In a country in which crises have dominated the agenda, ensuring coherent and consistent corporate communication is particularly challenging. Natura, a company which places social and environmental impact on the same level as financial results, faces the additional challenge of communicating the value of sustainable practices as a path towards overcoming crises to its consumers and investors.


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