Alejandro  Romero

Alejandro Romero

Before founding Alto Data Analytics, Alejandro was Vice President of Viacom for southern Europe, Turkey, the Middle East and Africa. Previous to Viacom, Alejandro was in charge of business development at Yahoo! for Southern Europe, an extension of his role at the Vodafone Group, where he forged strategic partnerships with global companies such as Microsoft and Google. Throughout his career, Alejandro has successfully helped companies form their digital strategies in more than 20 markets worldwide.

Alejandro was selected as a high impact entrepreneur by Endeavor Network in 2016. He earned a Master of Science in Engineering (M.Sc. Eng.) with a focus in Electronics and Automation and an MBA from Henley Business School (UK).

Attempts to destabilize the EU: Key learnings from mapping Public's debate information disorder & Russian media manipulation in Catalonia's crisis 

Today, strategic digital communications and PR are increasingly used by state and non-state actors to disrupt and alter public opinion across multiple countries and business sectors. This dynamic is creating profound changes in the norms of governance, international relations and how business need to operate in the digital world. Taking the example of Catalonia, Alejandro will examine how digital disinformation and communication tactics were used to influence the public debate over Catalonian independence, create a split and polarization in Spanish society as well as tensions within the European Union.

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