Dr. Silvija  Seres

Dr. Silvija Seres

Silvija currently works as an independent advisor, investor and board member. She is a partner in a private investment company TechnoRocks, focusing on active ownership in technology, media and telecommunications companies, and a Board Director of Nordea Bank, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Oslo Stock Exchange, and more. Silvija holds a Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences from Oxford University, MSc in Information Technology from University of Oslo and an M.B.A. From INSEAD. She has worked as a University Professor in Saudi Arabia and as a researcher in academic and industrial laboratories in Silicon Valley and China. Silvija is married, and has four children. She lives in Oslo, Norway.

The fourth industrial revolution

The fourth industrial revolution is not about digitalization alone, but about how digital infrastructure changes our industries, our work and our societies. This change is genuinely different: this time it is exponential, polarizing and combinatorial. Our world changes fast, but our understanding is slow. Our new social dynamics and our new communication tools affect politics, finances and relationships through new media and its exponential and polarizing trends. The global power of new monopolies and the algorithms that run their businesses is the core of the new PR.

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