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World Public Relations Forum 2020 (WPRF2020) includes a Research and Practice Colloquium to be held on 12 October 2020, a full day of discussions and presentations from educators, researchers and practitioners. It builds a bridge between the academic and practitioner communities. A Business Programme, with social events, takes place on October 13-15.

Research & Practice Colloquium Abstract Submission and Review

WPRF Theme: Connecting with Courage.

The Research & Practice Colloquium invites researchers, educators, students and academic thought-leaders from around the world to submit extended abstracts between 1,000 to 1,500-words, in English, relating to the WPRF theme.

The submitted abstracts will go through a double-blind review and authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to present at the Research & Practice Colloquium. Abstracts for poster presentations will also be considered.

Authors of abstracts that most closely fit the theme will be invited to submit full papers for consideration in a 2021 Special Issue of the Journal of Communication Management. Accepted abstracts will be published in Conference Proceedings.

Research & Practice Colloquium Topics

We welcome contributions to the Research & Practice Colloquium that speak to the Forum’s theme and focus on topics such as:

  1. Building authentic relationships
  2. The role of ethics and the public interest
  3. Communicating across cultures
  4. Developments in professional capabilities
  5. Creative approaches in public relations strategy
  6. Internationalism of the curriculum
  7. Any other topic relevant to the conference theme

All abstracts should include a focused discussion of practical implications, e.g., on challenging best practices or the need for new skills and capabilities in the profession or academia.

Human connections and relationships are the heart of public relations. As our profession enters a new decade and navigates the shifts affecting our society, how do we ensure that these connections are authentic, sustainable and represent the multitude of voices?

It takes courage. The courage to represent public interest, steer ethically and be conscientious. The courage to adapt and communicate across cultures. The courage to acknowledge the gaps in and evolve our professional capabilities. The courage to question our tried and tested approach, think ahead and be creative.

Where is our profession now? What more do we need? Where to next? 

World Public Relations Forum 2020 Auckland, New Zealand (Tāmaki Makaurau, Aotearoa) is a place for you, the people of our profession. To step forward. To share and explore. To learn from each other. To hold hard conversations about connecting with courage through the four lenses of conscience, culture, capability and creativity.

That is the challenge the Research & Practice Colloquium will examine.

WPRF 2020 participants will come away with a better understanding of communications impact in a fast and ever-changing world.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Please ensure that you have read these guidelines before submitting your abstract. Abstracts not submitted in this format may not be considered for review.

All abstracts must be emailed to wprf2020@prinz.org.nz with “abstract” in the subject line.

Abstract Title

The title must be in 12 point Arial bold, maximum of 15 words

Abstract Text

  • The abstract must be an extended abstract between 1,000 to 1,500 words (excluding references).
  • Indicate whether your abstract is to be an abstract presentation or a poster presentation. 
  • Submit your abstract in 12 point Arial with 1.5 line spacing. Use Microsoft Word’s “word count” function and enter this at end of the abstract.
  • Submit in Microsoft Word format only. No images may be submitted as part of an abstract submission.
  • Submit in English.
  • Check abstracts thoroughly for spelling and grammar before submission.
  • Indicate whether the abstract is conceptual, completed research, or work-in-progress.
  • Structure research abstract to cover these aspects: Objectives, Theoretical framework, Research design, Findings, Research limitations, Practical or Scholarly implications, Originality of the study.


  • Provide five or six keywords for the abstract to facilitate online searching.


  • References must follow the 6th edition of the American Psychological Association (APA) format.

Deadline for Submission of Abstract

  • February 29, 2020

Conditions of Abstract/Paper Submission and Acceptance

  • Once you have successfully submitted your abstract, you will receive an e-mail acknowledgement. If you do not receive an acknowledgement within four days, check your “spam” mailbox.
  • You may submit more than one abstract but do not submit the same abstract more than once.
  • If your abstract is accepted for presentation you must register (and pay) to attend the Research & Practice Colloquium by April 31, 2020 and affirm that your presentation/poster does not breach copyright law. If you do not register to attend, your abstract will not be included in the conference proceedings.
  • The author you identify on your abstract is the person who will be attending and presenting at the Research & Practice Colloquium.
  • If you are invited to prepare a full paper for publication in the Special Issue of the Journal of Communication Management, this must be submitted by April 31, 2020.

For queries, please contact us on wprf2020@prinz.org.nz.

Research & Practice Colloquium Deadlines

July 26 2019

Submission of abstracts opens

February 29 2020 11:59 p.m. UTC   

Submission of abstracts closes

March 27 2020

Notification of acceptance of abstracts

Authors of selected abstracts to be invited to submit full papers for publication in a Special Issue of the Journal of Communication Management

April 30 2020

Final date for conference registration if presenting


May 30 2020 Final date for submitting full papers of selected abstracts.

October 12 2020

WPRF2020 Research & Practice Colloquium

Abstracts to be published in Colloquium proceedings.

October 13-15 2020


WPRF2020 Business Programme




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