Theme - Connecting with courage

World Public Relations Forum 2020 will explore the theme 'connecting with courage' through the four lenses of conscience, culture, capability and creativity. 

Human connections and relationships are at the heart of public relations.  

As our profession enters a new decade and navigates the shifts affecting our society, how do we ensure that these connections are authentic, sustainable and represent the multitude of voices? 

It takes courage. 

The courage to represent public interest, steer ethically and be conscientious. 

The courage to adapt, have an understanding of, and communicate across cultures. 

The courage to acknowledge the gaps in and evolve our professional capabilities. 

The courage to question our tried and tested approach, think ahead and be creative.

Where is our profession now? What more do we need? Where to next?  

World Public Relations Forum 2020 to be held in Auckland, New Zealand (Tāmaki Makaurau, Aotearoa) is a place for you, the people of our profession. To step forward. To share and explore. To learn from each other. To hold hard conversations about connecting with courage through the four lenses of conscience, culture, capability and creativity. 

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