Daniel  Munslow

Daniel Munslow

Daniel Munslow CPRP, is the owner and founder of MCC Consulting, a firm specialising in strategic communication, reputational resilience, crisis communication and executive communication. He has worked in media and business communication for the past 16 years, consulting across multiple industries in numerous African countries as well as in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia Pac. Daniel is also a director on the International Association of Business Communicators’ International Executive Board.

The power of ethics in reputational resilience

Communicators need to take a stand on ethical, transparent, and professional communication in a world where “alternative facts” and “fake news” have become commonplace expressions. 2017 saw one of the biggest cases of ethics in PR since the turn of the century – in the form of the Bell Pottinger scandal. The manner in which numerous global crises were handled, such as United Airlines in the US and Ford in South Africa, has highlighted the role of ethical communication and the importance of robust, transparent and timely PR in building, maintaining and enhancing reputational resilience.

In this session, we will unpack these case studies and focus on the role we play as reputation managers and PR practitioners in making or breaking corporate reputation. Being ethical in our conduct has never been more important.

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