Tonia  Zhang

Tonia Zhang

Tonia Zhang is a business partner of Linksus Digiwork and deputy general manager of Linksus Shanghai. She has worked for Linksus since 2004 and have experience in strategic brand positioning, integrated brand strategy and marketing of product launches. Over the past 15 years, she has witnessed the rapid development of China's public relations industry. She has worked with international brands like Coca-Cola, Unilever China and LMVH. 

Profit and value: Forging the communication power of the new era brand in the ancient civilization

Zhang will present a case study on how they used The Palace Museum in the marketing of the home and personal care brand Jahwa against Millennials. In the digital communication era, how to integrate the two things felicitously and apply to the product communication of the special female group? How to explain fashion and style with the ancient civilizations? How does the enterprise gain value and profit while enhancing the emotional premium for the brand? These are the significances of "the limited edition of The Twelve Beauties of the Palace Museum” became the excellent case of the Golden Flag Award. The campaign ended with generating 0.2 Billion Chinese Yuan in turnover and won a good word of mouth both online and offline. While Jahwa is making profits, it perfectly achieved the inheritance of ancient civilization.

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