Value! Communication’s impact in a digital and ever-changing world.

We live in a world with constant changes. Things we did not know about half a decade ago, are now a part of people's everyday life. We don’t know what the future holds. We just know that changes will happen. Some are good while other present negative paradigm shifts. This will also affect public relations and communication management, which need to be one step ahead to create value of the changes and showcase value of its profession. There will be changes within media, public relations, technology, war and politics, business and the global power balance. Not to mention culture and climate change. Organizations will meet new challenges and expectations. One thing is sure – nobody knows what the changes will be and how great they will become. Neither which disruptive technologies that will turn the direction.
How will the communicators be involved in these changes, and what will the role of communications be?

At The World PR Forum 2018 we want to explore these changes from three main perspectives: truth, profit and intelligence.

With Brexit and Donald Trump we have seen a change in the political rhetorics. Polls and statistics are being used to frame reality. The spreading of fake news is becoming a threat for democracy.  Who really owns the truth in 2018?

The lines between different practices are melting, and new technology are changing the way we work. It is more than ever important for communicators to prove their worth, and show their impact on the company's bottom line. Does a good reputation equal a profitable business, or can a business thrive nevertheless? Will the companies that invest in the future and our environment, capitalize on their investments?

New technology offers new possibilities. Can humans be replaced? If not, which qualities make communicators unique? How do we have to work alongside the new technology to create better communication solutions? And what do you need to know to get ahead?

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